Staking vs Locking

What is Staking?

When you stake on Pinjam, you receive 100% of Pinjam's revenue (distributed among everyone else who is also staking).
If you wish to exit staking, there won't be a penalty or lock period.

Locking PINKAV? What's That?

Similar to staking, you will still receive a share of protocol fees.
However, since you have taken the extra commitment of locking for THREE (3) months, you will also receive penalty fees from users who exited their vesting periods earlier.

Wait, Explain It To Me Again?

For those borrowing and lending, the terms will be as such:
  • Claiming Pinjam rewards it will be vested for THREE (3) months but can be withdrawed early - however, this comes with a 50% penalty.
  • When vesting you will earn Protocol Revenue generated from the borrowing & farming activity on Pinjam.
  • The 50% penalty incurred will be distributed as rewards to those who have locked.
For those locking PINKAV:
  • Lock dates will be grouped according to the week. Any lock conducted between Monday 00:00 UTC to Sunday 23:59 UTC will still be grouped in the same week group and will be released together THREE (3) months later.
  • The locked Pinjam tokens will be locked for the mandatory THREE (3) months - and cannot be unlocked early at all.
  • You can claim your Pinjam rewards from locking Pinjam anytime - with no penalty whatsoever. You will still keep the APR for locking PINKAV after the THREE (3) months lock - until you claim the newly unlocked Pinjam Tokens.