🌞Protocol-to-Protocol Lending

Pinjam: The Primary Source of Liquidity for all of DeFi

Liquidity Blackholes Explained

Most lending protocols today are liquidity black holes.

This means whenever a user deposits into Aave or BENQI, the user funds are locked inside the Aave or BENQI ecosystem and never leaves.

This creates liquidity fragmentation across the DeFi ecosystem, creating a black hole of liquidity.

Liquidity Aggregator Explained

This allows Pinjam to be a true liquidity protocol by providing unborrowed liquidity to other blue-chip protocols.

When these protocols receive more liquidity, users in the entire DeFi ecosystem stand to benefit from lower slippage, lower costs of borrowing, and a better user experience overall.

Pinjam is a boon to the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Our Vision as a Liquidity Aggregator

We intend to build the first sustainable value accrual money market by absorbing liquidity, redistributing unborrowed funds throughout the entire DeFi ecosystem, and returning those generated value back to the Pinjam DAO.

A unique prospect of Pinjam, is that as DeFi matures over-time and as other protocols generate more impactful yield opportunities, Pinjam users will directly benefit without needing to do anything but collect interest.

In short, as DeFi matures, the Pinjam protocol will only get, much better!

Eventually the Pinjam DAO will be a decentralized collective of users, determining the flow of capital throughout the entire DeFi ecosystem.

That, is the vision of a Liquidity Aggregator.

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