🀸KOLs Ambassadorship Program

For our deployment on Mantle, we have created a KOL Ambassadorship Program where they will be responsible for helping bring more attention to the Pinjam Protocol on Mantle, and by effect, on KAVA as well.

By participating in this ambassadorship program, KOLs will be responsible for:

  1. Creating original content about Pinjam and/or $PINTLE

  2. Engaging with Pinjam content

  3. Participate in discussions on Pinjam Discord

Accepted KOLs will be given a certain % of the $PINTLE supply in the form of vested $PINTLE, which will be linearly unlocked over 12 months.

To further incentivize KOL participation in this ambassadorship program, we have also proposed the following initiatives that will entitle interested KOLs to additional $PINTLE tokens:

  • Creating video content

  • Self-hosting community efforts (giveaways etc.)

  • Referring Pinjam to another protocol for partnership

  • Referring Pinjam to another KOL for the ambassadorship

If you think you have a sizable following and this is an opportunity you'd like to participate in, let us know on Discord or Twitter!

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