🏒Token Buyback

The Pinjam Protocol has been designed with incentives for the public to conduct Pinjam Token buybacks.

Public Incentives

The public incentives of buying back is designed around the Protocol-Owned Liquidity(3,3) module.

The (3,3) mechanics will allow users to trade in their KAVA/PINKAV LP tokens in exchange for KAVA at a 5% premium. This means for every $1 of KAVA/PINKAV LP a user provides, they will get back $1.05 of KAVA, instantly.

This module requires a user to buy PINKAV for 2 reasons:

  1. In order a for a user to be eligible to participate in the (3,3) mechanic, a user will first need to buy PINKAV, and lock it.

  2. Once locked, a user will then need to buy PINKAV and then provide KAVA/PINKAV liquidity to the LP pool, which they can then exchange those LP tokens for KAVA.

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