PINJAM Roadmap

Over the past year, the Pinjam team has been working to develop our innovative lending protocol - having undergone user feedback for our testnet and finally launching our product. With the Pinjam protocol, lenders can finally achieve 100% capital efficiency - generating extra yield on every dollar that they lent out!
Here's what the Pinjam protocol has achieved so far: ✅ Received 15K KAVA grant from KAVA Foundation
✅ Audited by Solidity Finance
✅ Received 95K+ KAVA during our PINKAV Liquidity Generation Event (LGE)

BUIDL-ing Timeline

✅ Pinjam Protocol Launch - Earn Yield on Your Unborrowed Funds!
✅ DeFi Llama Listing
✅ Coingecko Listing
✅ Debank Listing
✅ Accepted into KAVA RISE Incentives Program
  • CoinMarketCap
  • Multi-Chain Expansion
  • Pinjam V2